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our philosophy

   The genesis for GO~FAST Endurance came about, where else, on a long endurance ride in the rain.  Brian and Mark were discussing coaches and training plans.  One of the “issues” they had with some coaching methods was the lack of improvement seen in the students, and, for that matter, the coach.  After all, the coach who is dispensing advice should also show improvement in RESULTS over the years if adhering to the methods he/she is espousing?  Yet that isn’t always the case!

   Brian, Ed and Mark have over 50 years of combined experience training and racing both triathlons and open road racing.  All three are now ‘Masters’ athletes, Brian and Mark are actually closer to 50 than 40.  Yet all three continue to IMPROVE year after year.  That is our promise to you:  If you follow the training plans set forth by the coaches at GO~FAST Endurance you will GO FASTER!  Every workout and training block you will receive has been tested in the field and on the course by the founders of GO~FAST Endurance.

                                                            We look forward to working with you, until then…GO FAST!